Some may consider the music and artists we feature here as obscure, however we consider it the music of tomorrow. Hifidelics is not your typical online record store. We are in business to help emerging artists with a low or no-cost option to get their records to current and new fans, while giving music/vinyl-heads a wide variety of artists in popular genres. You may ask why our focus is on vinyl records in an era with so much wonderful digital technology, but the answer is simple; artists cannot survive on the measly revenue earned from digital streaming and sales. Digital has also inadvertently taken much of the aesthetic value away from recorded music and we can’t just sit back and allow that to happen.

Hifidelics began in 2011 as a crowdfunding option for artists to release their music on vinyl, with special emphasis on visual aesthetics; however it was always meant to be a store where music fans could find some of the most beautiful vinyl, both on the eyes and to the ears. After a lot of testing and discussion with artists we have changed our focus to vinyl distribution, however we will be bringing the crowdfunding feature back soon, as we see it as a very beneficial feature for both artists and music fans, alike.